"I just recently won my hearing for my marriage visa to the UK, which was previously denied by the UK border agency both the original application and my initial appeal.

My caseworkers represented me back in the winter of 2012 for my appeal and now more currently, my hearing. I cannot express fully the gratitude that I and my husband share for these 2 guys. They not only were professional, kind, caring, but very knowledgeable and they never gave up, they kept in constant contact with me either via emails or telephone and always kept me informed as to any new findings with my case.

The entire ordeal of applying for my original visa, the 1st appeal and then my hearing were very stressful for me, it was a long haul, but my caseworkers always told me not to worry and to let them do the worrying, which they did, if it weren’t for these 2 men, I probably would’ve had a nervous breakdown by now.

I can’t thank them enough and will be eternally grateful for all the hard work that they took on, me being in South African
and them in Nigeria wasn’t an easy task but they pulled through on a dime and for that, I consider them family, I would highly recommend the UK Visa and Immigration to anyone thinking of applying for a UK visa, and once I get to the UK, fully intend on meeting both of them and thanking them in person.

Once again, I highly recommend them, they helped me through an emotional roller coaster but in the end, we came out winners. The representative that attended my hearing was awesome, he knew the score and hit with everything under his belt, the Border Agency didn’t stand a chance!
Thanks guys, if I know of anyone in the future that applies for a UK visa, I will recommend your agency!"

- John

I was refused a UK visa on the ground that I stated in my visa application form that I will stay with my brother in the UK for five month and one of the concern raised is that, it would be unreasonable for me to leave my country for five month and what would I been doing in the UK on a single visit.

I was not happy when I got the decision notice from the UKBA, I went ahead to met the security at the visa application centre and he suggested to me to go to Bolkings that they can address the reason for the refusal, I went there and meet with Mr. Joe he give me a list of document required in order to address the concern of the ECO, to cut the story short he explained in the review note that I was largely inexperience as of the basic requirement of the UK immigration rule and been a first timer that they should reconsider my application.

I went ahead to reapply after I have gotten response from the UKBA that I can reapply at anytime of my choice and my new application would be considered on it merit, I included the review respond and the letter in support of my visa application and then reapply.

My application was successful at the end of the day. Thank you Sir I will always be great full and recommend more persons to you.

- Nkechi Gladys

Bolkings represented me on the great success of my case. From the day I came into your offices, during a Thursday “free-advice” session I left reassured. My case as difficult as it was, it took 3 months 12/107/13-12/09/13 and that was through Mr Joe efficiency. He gave me a list of items required to put my case together and all I can say is I thank God for leading my steps into your offices.

I will forever be grateful and will recommend you to anyone I come in contact with.

See you again in 28 months when I shall return for assistance to renew my stay. I have great confidence in your work.

- Anthony

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Bolkings for the services provided in respect of my wife's immigration matter. A special thank you to Mr Joe and his assistants and to everyone who worked on this matter from start to finish,
We received such an excellent service from you, it's a shame we never got to meet face to face due to the long distance between our locations. Nevertheless your professionalism has been outstanding, your price very competitive and everyone who called or answered our telephone calls were very polite. We will recommend your firm to anyone we come across who may need your services.

Thank you.

- Mr yaya

I know it been a while but I just want to say thank you for all your hard work. Even when I wanted to give up you never did I remember these words you said to me one day when I walked in your office feeling sad and wore out and fed up. You said 'Andrea don’t give up just pray' and they stick with me those were strong words of encourage and they keep me going thank you a million may God continue to bless you and your team. Keep up the good work you are a strong and a good young man.

Thank you very much.

- Dami 'Andrea

I applied for entry clearance visa to visit my close relatives who reside in the UK, he had suffered a stroke, requires long term care which I was providing care for on previous visit, after I return back to Ghana to reapply for a five years visa my application was refused by the entry clearance officer, and he gave his reasons for refusal that he was not satisfied that I was genuinely seeking entry as a visitor, and in their notice of refusal which he raised different reason for his refusal: upon me and my ill brother.

At that point I thought I was at the end of my road. A friend of mine in Nigeria then introduce me to Mr. Joe in Bolkings and when I meet with him the first thing he asked for was the refusal notice from the UKBA after he has examine the decision made by ECO he then interviewed me extensively and pursued my documentation meticulously, and he told me to leave the other side of the case for him to handle, he then readdress the concerned outlined in the decision notice and then made arguments were it was necessary, when I was to reapply, I then put the letter in support of my visa reapplication

I was thinking all day and night waiting for the outcome of my application which stayed more than twenty working days on the next day of the twenty working days I received an alert visa application processed and ready for collection, after I have collected my application I saw a welcome Guild to the UK that when I notice that my visa was granted.

Thank you so much for your help and many more clients to Bolkings.

- Yaw John

I cannot thank you enough for the advice, guidance and support you provided during my separation. You provided that personal touch that was required to a sensitive matter that involved children. You were friendly, approachable and available to assist whenever I required in helping to address issues.

As a father, I was apprehensive about my rights. Working with you, I was able to secure an outcome that was best for my children in terms of a child residence case, which meant they spend more time living with me.

Thank you so much for everything

- Frankly

"Your service was extremely professional and friendly. I understand that it was exceptional to complete the visa application with all supporting documents in just one day! If it was not so imperatively important to achieve the visa in such a short time and therefore making the process stressful! I would say I actually enjoyed working with you on the project."

- David Offoh

I was at the end of my road within the UK as to who I could trust and speak to for support in regards to applying for my Leave to Remain. Then I was recommended to Mr Joe at Bolkings. He was very professional and down to earth person, who provided advice on the steps needed to apply for my leave. I am truly thankful to have met a guy like Mr Joe and without his assisting I would not have known what to do.

Thank you for all your advice and support.

- Ademola Afeez

"I was very pleased with your services and the support you gave me I was so much lacking in confidence and never imagined that I would get my passport back with a visa allowing me to stay and work in the UK. I look forward to introducing some members of my family as well. I would like to thank Mr Joe my caseworker for making this happens for me."

- Mudiwa